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  • dorris burch

    Dorris Burch
    Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist

    "Audrey is woman of deep passion for changing the lives of women. She has personally grown in her leadership of owning her value and place in the world for creating change."
    -Dorris Burch

How may I help?

Starting from the beginning of anything can be intimidating, it's time to simplify the complex.

Private Coaching

This is best for the new business owner looking to start the pre-phase of solidifying their brand identity.

Elite Coaching

This is best for the entrepreneur that has been in business at least 3 years.

My Story

Over the past several years I have noticed that some of the most successful women are sometimes the most unorganized. Going, going, and going, these women rarely find the time to even think (let alone) tend to issues of their own personal brand. They have had the drive to push it forward, but no time to get moving. I understand because that was me. I began building my business with no idea how important my personal brand actually was. Because of this, I consistently put its development off, until one day my business expansion efforts were halted with just three words. “Describe your brand.” I could not, and I lost that opportunity.

From that point on I dedicated my efforts to not just knowing my business, but defining it. I tackled my personal brand. Answering a random question one day, I realized that I left a trail of bread crumbs leading to a successful brand that anyone could follow. I want you to be successful too, so I developed a 4 hour training workshop to help woman similar to you and I make their personal brand their asset and not their liability.


We provide our clients with the knowledge that is needed to sidestep the potholes of ineffective brand management.

Since our beginning, we have helped countless women get back on track by helping them remove their biggest barriers to their progress.

"I strive to help women leverage their skills & build their dreams."
-Audrey Woodley

Take the lead by empowering yourself.
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Book me for your women empowerment seminars, workshops, Girls night Out, Inspirational Breakfast/Brunch and panel discussions to empower women to pursue their dreams.

Speaking Topics include: Revitalizing Your Brand, Marketing Strategies that help build your business & brand to the next level, Building your network & making an impact on digital networks, Empowerment through proper guidance, How to find your purpose with journaling, & Effective ways to build your brand with big brands.

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Tel: 708 595 9105